2016 NFL Win Futures

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Every year, Bill and Ron provide their projections for success and failure at a team level and usually fare pretty well against the lines projected by the wagering community. They don’t always see eye-to-eye on the projections so we always recommend to pick the teams that they do agree on when it differs from the Vegas number. Right now, the Futures for Dallas, Minnesota and Philadelphia are off so you will have to check back on those later this week. For now, these are the teams that we recommend putting some money on:


Over the Win Total: Kansas City, Washington, Arizona
Under the Win Total: Miami, Baltimore, Tennessee, Atlanta, San Fran
Division Winners: New England, Jax, 
Washington, Green Bay, Carolina, Arizona
AFC Champ: Pittsburgh
NFC Champ: Arizona
Super Bowl Champ: Arizona


East Ron Bill Book East Ron Bill Book
New England 12 10 10.5 Wash 10 9 7.5
NY Jets 9 9 8 Dallas 9 7
Buffalo 8 8 8 NY Giants 8 9 8
Miami 5 6 7 Philly 5 5
North North
Cincy 11 10 9.5 GB 12 12 11
Pittsburgh 10 11 10.5 Chicago 8 8 7.5
Baltimore 7 6 8 Minny 7 7
Cleveland 3 5 5 Detroit 6 8 7
South South
Jax 9 8 7.5 Carolina 11 11 10.5
Houston 8 7 8.5 TB 7 7 7.5
Indy 7 8 9 NO 6 7 7
Tenn 3 5 6 Atlanta 4 5 7
West West
KC 11 10 9.5 Arizona 13 12 10.5
Oakland 9 8 8.5 Seattle 11 10 10.5
Denver 9 9 9 LA Rams 7 7 7
San Diego 7 8 7.5 SF 4 4 5.5


AFC Division winners: New England, Cincy, Jax, Kansas City
AFC Wildcards: Pittsburgh, Denver
AFC Championship game:  Pitt over New England

NFC Division winners:  Washington, Green Bay, Carolina, Arizona
NFC Wildcards:  Seattle, Dallas
NFC Championship game:  Arizona over Green Bay

Super Bowl Champs: Arizona over Pitt

AFC Division winners: New England, Pittsburgh, Jax, Kansas City
AFC Wildcards: Cincy, Jets
AFC Championship game:  Pitt over Kansas City

NFC Division winners:  Washington, Green Bay, Carolina, Arizona
NFC Wildcards:  Seattle, New York Giants
NFC Championship game:  Arizona over Green Bay

Super Bowl Champs: Arizona over Pitt




MFS 2016 Fantasy Football PPR Draft Results

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This event is actually the true draft results from the Maximum Fantasy Sports 2016 Fantasy Football company draft. The “mock” portion of this event was the guys talking about each other’s draft picks. This event took place over the course of a half day, a half barrel and a half of a 10ft sub but these guys do not take the event half-heartedly.

Every year, MFS holds their own internal draft which consists of ownership, support staff and writers and they all know the NFL inside and out so their results can be used as a guide for your fantasy football draft, especially if you are playing in one of their open fantasy football public leagues.

Always know your league’s scoring system when drafting! The draft results will vary from league to league depending on how scoring is weighted. This league uses 1 point per reception so keep that in mind when looking at the results. The remaining scoring is standard, though it is executed on a decimal basis. Using whole numbers, it equates to 1pt passing for every 25 yards, 1pt for every 10 yards of rushing and receiving. 4pts for a passing TD and 6pts for a rushing/receiving TD. Defenses score a bit more as points are assessed for yards and points given up as well as standard points for sacks and turnovers.

Round 1:

Owner                          Player

1. Ron                             Antonio Brown (PITT – WR)

2. Sonny                        Julio Jones (ATL – WR)

3. Branko                      Odell Beckham Jr (NYG – WR)

4. Bobby E                    David Johnson (AZ – RB)

5. Keller                         DeAndre Hopkins (HOU – WR)

6. Bill                               Todd Gurley (LA – RB)

7. Jake                            AJ Green (CIN – WR)

8. Adam                         Brandon Marshall (NYJ – WR)

9. Todd                          Adrian Peterson (MINN – RB)

10. Matt                        Lamar Miller (HOU – RB)

Mocking: there were no real surprises in the first round. Most of the round was spent complaining about Ron getting the top spot again this year and people taking more than 30 seconds for a first round pick, though Keller took a hippo-sized bite out of his sub right when it was his pick and needed to chew through it to prevent choking.


Round 2:

Owner                          Player

11. Matt                        Dez Bryant (DAL – WR)

12. Todd                        Keenan Allen (SD – WR)

13. Adam                      Ezekiel Elliott (DAL – RB)

14. Jake                         Jamaal Charles (KC – RB)

15. Bill                             Allen Robinson (JAX – WR)

16. Keller                       Mark Ingram (NO – RB)

17. Bobby E                  Le’Veon Bell (PITT – RB)

18. Branko                    Doug Martin (TB – RB)

19. Sonny                      Brandin Cooks (NO – WR)

20. Ron                          LeSean McCoy (BUF – RB)

Mocking: There was no surprise in the room when Branko stated that he was going to grab his Muscle Hampster. Everyone seemed relieved when he didn’t do it in public viewing. Lots of discussion on each side on whether or not Le’Veon was picked too high. Ultimately, it was agreed upon that he would have missed at least 3 games during the season to injury anyway. One person quipped that the guy running behind Dez Bryant would have a better year thanks to Dak Prescott’s overthrows.


Round 3:

Owner                          Player

21. Ron                          Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE)

22. Sonny                      Eddie Lacy (GB – RB)

23. Branko                    Alshon Jeffery (CHI – WR)

24. Bobby E                  Jordy Nelson (GB – WR)

25. Keller                       C.J. Anderson (DEN – RB)

26. Bill                             Randall Cobb (GB – WR)

27. Jake                         Devonta Freeman (ATL – RB)

28. Adam                      T.Y. Hilton (IND – WR)

29. Todd                        Jordan Reed (WASH – TE)

30. Matt                        Golden Tate (DET – WR)

Mocking: three Packers being taken in round 3 caused Ron to pound his chest and recite a long list of Packers-dominated stats over the beloved Chicago Bears of most of this group. Well deservedly, he was showered with beer and told to leave the room since he gets the last pick in the next round. It was also speculated that outside of a Notre Dame draft, Golden Tate would still be on the board to be drafted.


Round 4:

Owner                          Player

31. Matt                        Cam Newton (CAR – QB)

32. Todd                        Jarvis Landry (MIA – WR)

33. Adam                      Amani Cooper (OAK – WR)

34. Jake                         Mike Evans (TB – WR)

35. Bill                             Carlos Hyde (SF – RB)

36. Keller                       Eric Decker (NYJ – WR)

37. Bobby E                  Demaryius Thomas (DEN – WR)

38. Branko                    Matt Forte (NYJ – RB)

39. Sonny                      Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB)

40. Ron                          Matt Jones (WASH – RB)

Mocking: Payback is Hell and Sonny put Ron there by taking his beloved Aaron Rodgers right in front of him. He seemed to rattle Ron as everyone agreed that he reached for Matt Jones. The general thought was that Rob got the first steal by landing Demaryius Thomas as late as he did, with the caveat that the Broncos’ QB has to be Trevor Siemian and not the Butt Fumbler.


Round 5:

Owner                          Player

41. Ron                          Andrew Luck (IND – QB)

42. Sonny                      Jeremy Maclin (KC – WR)

43. Branko                    Russell Wilson (SEA – QB)

44. Bobby E                  Sammy Watkins (BUF – WR)

45. Keller                       Doug Baldwin (SEA – WR)

46. Bill                             Greg Olsen (CAR – TE)

47. Jake                         Julian Edelman (NE – WR)

48. Adam                      Ryan Mathews (PHI – RB)

49. Todd                        Allen Hurns (JAX – WR)

50. Matt                        Michael Floyd (AZ – WR)

Mocking: loads of arguments ensued on whether any of these players were worthy of this round or were one-year wonders or over their injuries, outside of Russell Wilson. Many thought that Matt had the best pick with Floyd if Carson Palmer can stay upright for another season, which many doubt.


Round 6:

Owner                          Player

51. Matt                        Giovani Bernard (CIN – RB)

52. Todd                        DeSean Jackson (WASH – WR)

53. Adam                      Drew Brees (NO – QB)

54. Jake                         Latavius Murray (OAK – RB)

55. Bill                             Jordan Matthews (PHI – WR)

56. Keller                       Sterling Shepard (NYG – WR)

57. Bobby E                  Thomas Rawls (SEA – RB)

58. Branko                    Kelvin Benjamin (CAR – WR)

59. Sonny                      Chris Ivory (JAX – RB)

60. Ron                          Emmanuel Sanders (DEN – WR)

Mocking: Everyone rode Jake for taking Murray and started a pool on which week he would be demoted to second string. Bobby E didn’t escape though as many thought that Rawls would not be listed as the top RB on Seattle at any point during the regular season. While Sterling Shepard is talented, no way should he be taken this higher either.


Round 7:

Owner                          Player

61. Ron                          DeAngelo Williams (PITT – RB)

62. Sonny                      Duke Johnson Jr (CLE – RB)

63. Branko                    Willie Snead (NO – WR)

64. Bobby E                  Delanie Walker (TENN – TE)

65. Keller                       DeMarco Murray (TENN – RB)

66. Bill                             Ben Roethlisberger (PITT – QB)

67. Jake                         Donte Moncrief (IND – WR)

68. Adam                      Jeremy Langford (CHI – RB)

69. Todd                        Frank Gore (IND – RB)

70. Matt                        Jeremy Hill (CIN – RB)

Mocking: Branko went to the well again and came up dry when he asked if anyone has Snead his Willie before taking the WR. Ron admitted that he grabbed Williams far too early but primarily did it to get under Rob’s skin and made plans to bombard him with trade offers if he wants a Bell-Williams handcuff.


Round 8:

Owner                          Player

71. Matt                        Travis Kelce (KC – TE)

72. Todd                        Melvin Gordon (SD – RB)

73. Adam                      Coby Fleener (NO – TE)

74. Jake                         Larry Fitzgerald (AZ – WR)

75. Bill                             Tavon Austin (LA – WR)

76. Keller                       Dion Lewis (NE – RB)

77. Bobby E                  Tom Brady (NE – QB)

78. Branko                    Jonathan Stewart (CAR – RB)

79. Sonny                      T.J. Yeldon (JAX – RB)

80. Ron                          Arian Foster (MIA – RB)

Mocking: The back-to-back Patriots got the most noise as everyone wondered if Keller’s beer was spiked for picking Lewis so high and explained the PUP does not mean that he bought a new dog. Mike insists that they will eat their words and he will stash him on the IR until the 7th game and rub it in afterwards. Bobby E did get props with his Brady pick since he probably would have been a 4th rounder without the suspension and there are plenty of other QBs to plug in during the first 4 games of the season. Also, no one knew why Adam thought that the Brees target combination would be Coby Fleener and why it would be in round 8.


Round 9:

Owner                          Player

81. Ron                          Jay Ajayi (MIA – RB)

82. Sonny                      DeVante Parker (MIA – WR)

83. Branko                    Tyler Lockett (SEA – WR)

84. Bobby E                  Marvin Jones Jr (DET – WR)

85. Keller                       LeGarrette Blount (NE – RB)

86. Bill                             Danny Woodhead (SD – RB)

87. Jake                         Zach Ertz (PHI – TE)

88. Adam                      Kevin White (CHI – WR)

89. Todd                        Blake Bortles (JAX – QB)

90. Matt                        Tevin Coleman (ATL – RB)

Mocking: Ouch. Matt flattened Jake by asking him where his head was for picking a TE before handcuffing Coleman to Freeman, especially when Coleman may end up as the RB1. Not a soul had Ertz on the radar until double digit rounds. Mike was too amused by the show that he didn’t even make a statement on adding Blount to hold the RB position until he gets benched when Lewis is healthy.


Round 10:

Owner                          Player

91. Matt                        Michael Crabtree (OAK – WR)

92. Todd                        Theo Riddick (DET – RB)

93. Adam                      Darren Sproles (PHI – RB)

94. Jake                         John Brown (AZ – WR)

95. Bill                             Justin Forsett (BAL – RB)

96. Keller                       Derrick Henry (TENN – RB)

97. Bobby E                  Denver defense (DEN – D)

98. Branko                    Charles Sims (TB – RB)

99. Sonny                      LaQuon Treadwell (MINN – WR)

100. Ron                        Corey Coleman (CLE – WR)

Mocking: The focus was on Sonny for reaching for DeVante Parker last round and then Treadwell this round. While they have talent, no one else was ready to grab them yet….and no one definitely wanted a defense this high. While the defense in this league scores pretty well, there are too many good players on the board to grab a defense so early.


Round 11:

Owner                          Player

101. Ron                        Travis Benjamin (SD – WR)

102. Sonny                   Antonio Gates (SD – TE)

103. Branko                  Gary Barnridge (CLE – TE)

104. Bobby E                James White (NE – RB)

105. Keller                    Carson Palmer (AZ – QB)

106. Bill                          Ameer Abdullah (DET – RB)

107. Jake                       Rashad Jennings (NYG – RB)

108. Adam                    Jordan Howard (CHI – RB)

109. Todd                      Isaiah Crowell (CLE – RB)

110. Matt                      Paul Perkins (NYG – RB)

Mocking: Everyone was shocked at a 5-RB run to close out the round. It was noted that Frank Gore is similar to many of these picks and he went in the 7th round. The consensus was that Bill may have landed a steal if Abdullah can consistently run the ball and get some catches away from Riddick. Rob did ride Keller pretty hard by stealing White in front of him though Keller wouldn’t take the bait even though there was a strong feeling that Keller would have taken White this round to complete his trio of Patriots’ RBs.


Round 12:

Owner                          Player

111. Matt                      Seattle defense (SEA – D)

112. Todd                      Ted Ginn Jr (CAR – WR)

113. Adam                    Darren McFadden (DAL – RB)

114. Jake                       Eli Manning (NYG – QB)

115. Bill                          Kenneth Dixon (BAL – RB)

116. Keller                    Julius Thomas (JAX – TE)

117. Bobby E                Stephen Goskowski (NE – K)

118. Branko                  Bilal Powell (NYJ – RB)

119. Sonny                   C.J. Prosise (SEA – K)

120. Ron                        Torrey Smith (SF – WR)

Mocking: It was agreed that Ron had the steal of the draft in getting Smith at the end of the 12th round. A joke was made about ron taking Colin Kaepernick next so he could get double points on connections. Of course, no one thought Kaepernick was anointed as the starter in San Fran but they decided to salute him nonetheless in a manner befitting him; everyone with one finger only – Kaepernick is not well-liked around MFS.


Round 13:

Owner                          Player

121. Ron                        Carolina defense (CAR – D)

122. Sonny                   Stefon Diggs (MINN – WR)

123. Branko                  DeAndre Washington (OAK – RB)

124. Bobby E                Josh Gordon (CLE – WR)

125. Keller                    St. Louis defense (STL – D)

126. Bill                          Arizona defense (AZ – D)

127. Jake                       Philip Rivers (SD – QB)

128. Adam                    Tyler Eifert (CIN – TE)

129. Todd                      Kirk Cousins (WASH – QB)

130. Matt                      Michael Thomas (NO – WR)

Mocking: The Kaepernick discussion and the accelerated beverage intake rate helped fuel this round as the loudest yet. Roars of approval for Diggs, Gordon and Eifert as great picks as well as Washington, who many expect to be the RB1 with Murray taking a backseat in Oakland.


Round 14:

Owner                          Player

131. Matt                      Martellus Bennett (NE – TE)

132. Todd                      Houston defense (HOU – D)

133. Adam                    Buffalo defense (BUF – D)

134. Jake                       Kansas City defense (KC – D)

135. Bill                          Kendall Wright (TENN – WR)

136. Keller                    Charles Clay (BUF – TE)

137. Bobby E                Travis Taylor (BUF – QB)

138. Branko                  Minnesota defense (MINN – D)

139. Sonny                   New England (NE – D)

140. Ron                        Jimmy Graham (SEA – TE)

Mocking: More attention was being paid to how bad the Chicago Bears are looking versus Kansas City than the draft itself as it has primarily gone into autopilot with defenses and, in the next round, kickers being the majority of the picks expected. Wright and Smith are looked upon favorably though are coming off big injuries.


Round 15:

Owner                          Player

141. Ron                        Graham Gano (CAR – K)

142. Sonny                   Blair Walsh (MINN – K)

143. Branko                  Justin Tucker (BAL – K)

144. Bobby E                Christine Michael (SEA – RB)

145. Keller                    Steven Haushka (SEA – K)

146. Bill                          Chris Boswell (PITT – K)

147. Jake                       Chandler Catanzaro (AZ – K)

148. Adam                    Mason Crosby (GB – K)

149. Todd                      Dan Bailey (DAL – K)

150. Matt                      Ryan Succop (KC – K)

Mocking: Bobby E ended the last round with a round of applause after getting chastised for grabbing a kicker in the 12th round, even if it was Goskowski. With the Seattle backfield a large unknown this year, Michael could finally live up to his billing. Following that, there was a lot of beer-fueled chest-thumping about how good their own teams are and how bad every other team in the league is. Of course, the trash-talking is one of the best components of a Live Draft. Let’s hope you has as much fun in your fantasy football drafts as the guys at Maximum Fantasy Sports do.


NFL Fantasy Football Pre-season Checklist

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As the NFL draws near, so does the 2016 NFL Fantasy Football season (the fantasy football season kicks off long before the NFL season does) so it is time to start your preparation work for your fantasy football league draft(s). Sure, you could take the easy way out and let your autodraft engine pick your team for you and hope that you will be competitive. However, very few leagues are won this way. You need to gain the advantage at draft time by picking the Sleepers ahead of the other managers and being positioned to pick the waiver wire clean at the appropriate times during the season. So, here is a basic checklist to start with.

  1. Determine what fantasy sports website you want to play on. Even if you are not the Commissioner, you want to investigate the variety of sites available and determine who has the best features and appears to be the easiest to use. Do not be afraid to use a site that you have not seen on national television. Investments in innovation will help you play in a more enjoyable league.
  2. Start building the pool of players that will one day make up your player rankings. Many sites have players ranked at draft time, but everyone in your league will have access to that information. You want your list of players ranked by your expectation of how they will perform this season. If you do your homework before the draft, you should be in position to take home the crown at the end of the season. If it looks iffy, you can always bribe a few other managers to dump players your way.
  3. Now, that player pool is not as easy to dissect as a Thanksgiving Day turkey. It will be time-consuming, but well worth it. Start by going over the free agent movement since the Super Bowl ended. Since the Broncos won the title, it seems like a quarter of the league has changed teams. You also want to flag position battles for the top slots in your money positions. No reason to worry about who the number 1 running back is in Minnesota, but you may be concerned about who will win the number 2 slot. You want to focus on news involving these players as injuries take down many running backs each year and you want to be protected.
  4. Of course, you better factor rookies into the mix. There was a time when very few made an impact in their first year, but those days are over with. I would have never recommended a rookie WR in days gone by, but the success of Odell Beckham Jr, Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin changed all of that in 2014, though not so much in 2015. So, pay close attention to the draft results this coming May. Everyone knows that Laquon Treadwell will be a rookie WR to draft, but what about Sterling Shepard? You want to be the team that drafts him first. Of course, he’ll be known by draft time of your fantasy league, so go through all picks and try to imagine where they will factor into the depth chart, even if they will not be a guaranteed starter. For example, in an under the radar move, Stevan Ridley signed with Detroit. Though he has had a few injury-plagued years, he goes to a team in need of a running back and did have over 1250 yards and 12 TDs in 2012 for the Patriots.
  5. Start digesting news and injury reports, making sure to focus on the teams where you see the best position battles and greatest opportunity for upside.  If you keep a comprehensive diary of these happenings, you can trust this more than random articles found before the draft….except mine, of course. I won’t be publishing a mock draft until mid-August, though.Too many unknowns. It is a bit foolhardy to rank players right now, though it doesn’t stop every Tom, Dick and Matthew from doing it. It still surprises me that some leagues will draft before August 1st. Good luck with that, folks! Put yourself in the best position to win come your draft date.
  6. Evaluate the impact of coaching changes. Teams that have changed head coaches and/or offensive coordinators can greatly change the outlook for player performances based on the way they run their offenses. For example, the Dolphins new head coach, Adam Gase is known as a QB Whisperer. With that, you can expect a bigger year out of QB Ryan Tannehill and his stable of talented wide receivers. Just look at what he did with Jay Cutler in Chicago in 2015. With Hue Jackson now leading the Cleveland Browns, you know that he will have an impact on how the defense operates, which should elevate an already talented unit.
  7. Run through some mock drafts and watch where certain guys are being drafted (Average Draft Position; ADP) and if it is relatively consistent. As the pre-season rolls on, are certain guys falling down the draft board/moving up the draft board? You should have your ADP projections and highlight the players that are a big departure from your expectations as those changes may alter your drafting strategy. As always, there will be a run on running backs early in the draft but I would expect the top WRs to come off the board then as well along with TE Rob Gronkowski. Your drafting strategy is dependent on your league configuration so you should not buy into one set drafting strategy as it may not apply to your league. If you decide to go with WRs and/or Gronk early in the draft, you will most likely need to look into the second tier of running backs. Know when they are going off the board and be prepared to stock your backfield then before chasing a slew of tier 3 guys and hoping to strike oil.

Super Bowl Hangover

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I hope y’all are filling your down time productively. This is definitely the slow time for the NFL. It does afford time to try to figure out how Commissioner Roger Goodell has made around $35 million dollars in each of the past 4 seasons. Those numbers help further put into perspective exactly how big of a business the NFL is nowadays.

The only other news right now is about retirements and contract discussions and far too many Mock Drafts. Good Lord, there are 10 more weeks of interviews with Mel Kiper and Todd McShay ahead to rehash the same discussions about the upcoming, yet far away, draft. Yes, the NFL Draft is a huge event but we do not need to be bombarded with talks about it from the days following the Super Bowl to the event itself.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, it is comical to hear Denver’s defense talk about their place in history among the best defenses of all time. Ha! Far from it. They were very good against Carolina and for the majority of the year but I don’t even think that they were much better than Kansas City’s defense this year let alone anywhere close to the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers or the 1985 Chicago Bears. I know the current players are a bit too young to have seen these teams in the 70s and 80s play but the Chicago Bears? Ha, not even close.

In 1985, the Bears gave up more than 19 points three times that season and only once after Week 3 and that was to Dan Marino and the high-powered Miami Dolphins. The Broncos gave up more than 19 points seven times this season, including 23 to a Cleveland Browns team powered by the likes of Josh McCown, Isaiah Crowell and Travis Benjamin. The 1985 Bears may have held the Browns scoreless with negative yardage if they played in 2015. The Broncos cite holding an Antonio Brown-less Pittsburgh Steelers and the one-dimensional Patriots and Panthers to less than 19 points each. Well, aside from the possibility of New England beating them if Stephen Gostkowski aside doesn’t miss an extra point, let’s just focus on the Bears giving up a TOTAL of 10 points in three playoff games. TEN points….and the one touchdown that they gave up was when they were ahead 44-3 in the Super Bowl. That is domination like this generation will likely never see again. The icing on that cake is that they held the Patriots to 7 yards rushing and 177 yards passing. 184 total yards.  

Congrats to the defense of the Denver Broncos for a nice win, but please find a bit of sanity and not make a laughingstock out of yourselves.

While I found their boasting funny, it doesn’t top how hysterical Eli Manning’s face was when caught on film not enjoying a Denver TD. He can make all the excuses that he wants but you know it was him being upset that he just lost his career-defining achievement of having more Super Bowl wins than Peyton. When it comes to that look, it was shared by all Panthers and Panther-backers when Cam made “a business decision” to not attempt a fumble recovery when they could least afford a turnover. And we thought he put all he had into the game. 


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2015 NFL Futures Recap

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This season is winding down on Sunday and all signs point to a Carolina coronation. It is the crowning achievement in their season and a true barometer on how poorly Ron and I forecasted this season. You can put me at the top of the list of Carolina non-believers when the Futures lines came out. I expected Cam to struggle this year while trying to become a pocket passer, I gave their defense and running game no credit and I truly believed that losing Kelvin Benjamin was the final piece of the puzzle that would complete a sub .500 season. I expected Atlanta to take the division with the Saints coming in a close second. Well, that started off ok.

However, as the Falcons started off hot this year, so did Carolina. To me, Carolina was a paper tiger as their competition was weak and the opposing QBs were backups. I was STILL predicting a division free fall when they were 5-0. Oddly enough, it was then that the Falcons tanked and the Panthers picked up steam. The team gelled and grew more and more confident each week. Cam still reminds me of Rex Grossman when he throws off his back foot when falling away, but he has made it work for him with gleaming success. He dabbed his way through the season and mocked locals supporting opposing teams in HIS house (Packers and Seahawks supporters need to go). Peculiarly, it was the Falcons who collapsed and did not make the playoffs, but ended up being the one team that beat Carolina this year and is preventing them from letting the 1972 Dolphins’ champagne go flat.

At least I came around late in the season and have been riding the Panthers party train to California and have no issue with how they celebrate, unlike the poor sports in Seattle and Tennessee. Cam is a far better role model the your kids than Miley Cyrus or any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan so let’s add an ounce of reality to what happens on and off the playing field versus what your kids see on the internet and TV non-stop and remind the parents that it is their responsibility for educating their kids on how to be the person they should be.

2015 Fantasy Football Awards

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This is our look at the 2015 fantasy football awards through our eyes. Of course, league settings vary and could skew one position moreseo over others so we will assume a standard, non-PPR league scoring system. We will also assume a championship in Week 16.

Most Valuable Player:
 Cam Newton. The expectation for 2015 was for him to stay in the pocket more and run less. Well, after losing Kelvin Benjamin before the season started, Cam was left with a group of WR3s or worse and a top tight end. Great players make those around him better and Cam responded with over 3800 yards passing and 35 TDs with an additional 636 yards rushing and 10 TDs to best the entire NFL. A truly amazing feat for a guy that barely cracked the Top 10 QBs drafted.

Least Valuable Player: Pick any of the RBs drafted in the first 3 rounds and you most likely have a hit. Granted, many of those players; Foster, Bell, Lynch,…suffered injuries, but you need to expect that with RBs and grab their backups. Only 7 RBs broke 1000 yards rushing this year and, to put it in perspective, Darren McFadden was one of them. NONE of the 13 RBs who broke 1000 yards in 2014 repeated. That is an amazing stat that will finalize the current shift in drafting strategy from 2 RBs early to 2 WRs early.

Awards by Position


Best draft pick: well, if our fantasy MVP is Cam, you know that he tops our position list. He had double digit points in every single game, including topping 20 in over half of his games.

Worst draft pick: Andrew Luck. The Colts had a solid receiving core at the end of 2014 and then foolishly added to it instead of bettering their defense so it seemed like Luck was destined to be a point machine just to keep them in games. Granted, an injury shortened his season, but he was almost unstartable before that. He played 7 games and broke 300 yards passing in only two of them. He threw an INT in 6 of those games and multiple in 5 of those games. He was a first or second round draft pick in every league and killed many seasons. Peyton Manning was a very, very, very close second.

Best Free Agent acquisition: Blake Bortles. Now, he was drafted in deeper leagues, but started the season on the waiver wire in the majority of leagues. He had some maddening games and often started slowly, but his numbers were solid at the end of the day. He put up over 20 fantasy points in 9 games and averaged 26ppg during the fantasy playoffs.

Biggest Playoffs Contributor: Kirk Cousins. Cousins only had a few shining moments in the first 12 weeks, but exploded when it counted thanks to finally having a healthy DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed to throw to. He averaged 30ppg in week 14-16 and carried many teams to a championship.

Biggest Playoffs Killer: Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers’ final numbers on the year look great but his biggest weeks were in the first half of the season. He really struggled in the second half, especially in weeks 14-16, where he averaged 12ppg, including an 11 point dud in week 15 and a 7 point travesty in week 16.

Running Back:

Best draft pick: Devonta Freeman. The Atlanta running back situation was difficult to know during drafts since the Falcons didn’t know themselves. Smart owners drafted both Tevin Coleman and Freeman. Those who got Freeman rode him to the playoffs as he was a flat out stud for the majority of the season and performed well in weeks 15-16.

Worst draft pick: there are many to choose from but Melvin Gordon has to top the list cuz he was actually healthy all year and produced zip, nada, bunko. He was drafted anywhere from the 3rd round to the 6th round and was a bust no matter where he was drafted. He had ZERO double digit games. ZERO! And that includes receiving yards too! He will go into 2016 searching for his first professional score. Eddie Lacy was a very close second but Gordon truly had no rival at how poorly he performed in an ideal situation for him.

Best Free Agent acquisition: DeAngelo Williams. Smart Le’Veon Bell owners drafted Williams as well since Bell had a 2-game suspension to wait out. However, once Bell came back and began tearing up the league, foolish owners dropped him since he essentially had 5 weeks of goose eggs. When Bell went down, Williams ripped off double digits in almost every week from 8-16. Only week 10 at Cleveland was a surprising light effort. In weeks 14-6, he averaged over 19ppg.

Biggest Playoffs Contributor: David Johnson. Johnson showed his versatility at the beginning of the season by scoring on kick returns and passes but was an afterthought for the middle of the season when he rarely got a chance to contribute on offense. When Chris Johnson went down, David stepped in and got better each week. In weeks 14-16, he put up 12, 41 and 19 points. Who would have thought a team of Kirk Cousins and David Johnson would roll through the playoffs?

Biggest Playoffs Killer: C.J. Anderson, DeMarco Murray. Both were full-season Busts that really stood out in the playoff weeks, though each had decent Week 16 efforts for their owners that were undoubtedly out of the running. C.J. put up a 0, 2, 12 playoff line and DeMarco put up a 4, 0, 11 playoff line.

Wide Receiver:

Best draft pick: For me, it is Brandon Marshall. Antonio Brown’s overall numbers were better, but he had some weak performance thanks to Big Ben being out. Marshall was the most consistent WR by far. He didn’t even crack the Top 20 WRs drafted and had double digit points in all but 3 games this year thanks to breaking 100 yards or getting a TD. Getting Ryan Fitzpatrick under center was a Godsend for Marshall’s performance.

Worst draft pick: Dez Bryant. You can cite his injury or Tony Romo’s injury all you want. No matter how you look at it, he was a waste of a first round draft pick. For players active all year, you can look at T.Y. Hilton, Randall Cobb and Jordan Matthews as your runner-ups.

Best Free Agent acquisition: Doug Baldwin. Seattle has never been a team that anyone looked to for WRs except for Bye week fill-ins. That all changed when Jimmy Graham and Marshall Lynch got hurt and Seattle took to the air. His performances in weeks 10-16 were some of the best that I have ever seen.

Biggest Playoffs Contributor: Doug Baldwin. He averaged 20ppg in weeks 14-16.

Biggest Playoffs Killer: Randall Cobb. He was a season-long bust but really stood out in the playoff weeks with a robust 5.5ppg average. It was obvious that he is a much better second fiddle than lead dog.

Tight End:

Best draft pick: Gronk. Gronk justified his lofty ADP by easily outscoring his peers again with a 72/1176/11 season. The first half of his season was fantastic compared to the second half, but he helped position many teams for a playoff run.

Worst draft pick: Martellus Bennett. With Alshon Jeffery injured often and Brandon Marshall gone, Bennett had a stellar opportunity to shine in a contract year, but only had 3 double digit games and the remainder of the games were less than 6. He was greatly outplayed in the second half of the season by backup TE Zach Miller.

Best Free Agent acquisition: Gary Barnridge. The book on him coming into the season was that he was a blocking tight end. Through multiple poor starting QBs, Barnridge was able to put up 8 double digit scoring weeks for a 71/977/9 season tally in another weak year for tight end consistency.

Biggest Playoffs Contributor: Jordan Reed. 21 ppg in weeks 14-16. This guy could rival Gronk for draft position if he could only stay healthy. The QB/TE Redskins pairing was hard to beat with money on the line this playoff season.

Biggest Playoffs Killer: Tyler Eifert. Eifert was a true feast-or-famine producer this season but he tallied a weak 4 points in week 14 and then sat out weeks 15-16 with a neck injury.


Best draft pick: Kansas City. The Chiefs were brutal as a whole early in the season, but, if you throw out their games at Green Bay and at Cincinnati, they were the best scoring fantasy defense this year in many formats. They scored 7 DTD, had at least one turnover in all but those 2 games, and really shined in the playoff stretch by dominating San Diego, Baltimore and Cleveland.

Worst draft pick: Buffalo. This may rank as the worst value pick of the whole draft. The Bills were one of the best defenses in 2014 and they were expected to be even better in 2015 with Rex Ryan as their coach. HA! They scored 4 or less points in HALF of their games with 3 being negative in leagues that penalize for points/yards given up. They were flat out horrible and were one of the first 3 defenses off the board in every league.

Best Free Agent acquisition: Houston. Houston was drafted but was discarded in many leagues after being horrific in the first 7 games of the season, Jacksonville game excluded. Starting in week 8, they posted double digits in 6 of their final 9 games and averaged almost 13ppg in weeks 14-16.

Biggest Playoffs Contributor: Arizona. The Cardinals were a defense to start every week all season but really shined in the playoffs when they steamrolled Minnesota, Philadelphia and Green Bay. Scoring systems vary, but they only gave up 15ppg, with 3 INTs, 8 fumble recoveries and 14 sacks. Their week 16 beatdown of the Packers clinched many championships.

Biggest Playoffs Killer: Denver. Denver may have been the top scoring defense in many formats, but many of those points were tallied in the first 6 games of the year. Scoring-wise, they laid an egg in weeks 14-16 by only registering 2 INTs, 1 fumble recovery and 8 sacks.


Best draft pick: Stephen Goskowski. Not even close. In a year where missed extra points rose dramatically due to the distance change, Goskowski was perfect. On field goals, he was almost perfect . He only missed 3 and they were from 46, 48 and 54 yards out. He had field goals in every game but 3 and also gets our best playoff performance by logging a total of 8 FGs in weeks 14-16.

Worst draft pick: Adam Vinatieri. He missed 3 extra points and only had multiple field goals in 7 games. Hell, he took a goose egg in his first two games and even had negative points if you get penalized for missing short field goals. Further highlighting his poor season, he had 5 games where he had 3 or less points.

Best Free Agent acquisition: Chris Boswell. After Shaun Suisham was lost to injury and Josh Scobee was booed out of town after 4 weeks, Boswell stepped in and secured the job going forward. He only missed 2 field goal at home, which is not an easy place to kick, and only missed one extra point.

Are You Not Entertained?

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Aside from the first game of the playoffs, Kansas City at Houston, the impartial fan had to enjoy the Wildcard Playoffs, especially if they like Gladiator movies. You had to feel sorry for the hometown fans. They either had to watch their team get destroyed or had to suffer through adverse weather conditions to see their team snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Seattle and Minny was a war of attrition that came down to a handful of plays since the Vikings had to settle for field goals when moving the ball. Unfortunately for Vikings fans, they have grown to know football disappointment their whole lives so they have been conditioned, much like being used to drinking beer slushies.

Fans in Cincinnati were treated to a whole ‘nuther level of disappointment. They watched their Bengals and the Steelers slug it out all game, literally, and then come back late after going scoreless for most of the game and take a lead that was almost unrelinquishable. Almost. Maybe if they hadn’t lost in the previous six opening rounds they would know how to handle success, but they topped a game-changing fumble by brawling their way into retreating to their own Red Zone to gift an easy game-winning field goal to the Steelers. Say what you will about Joey Porter being on the field for Pittsburgh, the Bengals’ coaching staff should have had their players off the field until the penalty on Vontaze Burfict was assessed. Leaving those idiots on the field with free time was asking for trouble. It is a joke that Adam Jones would even insinuate that Antonio Brown was faking an injury. Even if he was not concussed, the whiplash effect alone from Burfict’s cowardly hit would keep most players on the field for five minutes while they confirmed that they could still move all of their appendages. Good to see that the fans weren’t affected at all by the poor sportsmanship, by both sides, on the field. Only six fans were arrested for fighting or providing golden showers to other attendees. No clue how many additional incidents there were that did not result in an arrest.

Of all the fights in the stands, I am guessing that none of the combatants looked worse that Seattle’s punter, Jon Ryan, the next day. His injuries were self-inflicted and, quite possibly, a result of playing too many video games, thus having the vision in his head of the ability to leap seven feet in the air. Based on the way he came down, I am wondering if his neck was as sore as Brown’s the next day.

Speaking of fans, I would bid good riddance to that jackass, Stan Kroenke, and the Rams. You can’t fault the players, even though they have been mediocre, or worse, since 2003, but the primary disrespect came from Kroenke who has no concept at how much it actually costs to attend an NFL as far as a percentage of a person’s disposable income. NFL owners, as a whole, are clueless about how the real fan lives and survives. I generally grouse about how much the NFL player gets paid, but, the ticket prices aren’t ever going to be reduced to pay them less. The owners only care about how much they are going to make and how much they can get the host city and fans to contribute to their costs instead of digging a bit deeper into their pot of gold. It has never been more evident than the exchange with Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, with a reporter. After he stated that everyone won in the decision to move the Rams to LA, he was asked about the fans in St. Louis. After realizing that “everyone” includes the general public outside of the Owner’s circle, he corrected himself and said that the St. Louis fans lost, but that there always has to be a loser to make someone a winner. In his world, the rest of us are losers.

Johnny Manziel is rumored to be dropped by Nike. Good thing that these shoe companies make 95% margins off overseas child labor since they can afford to waste it on ridiculous contracts to any professional player that makes a name for himself. Here’s hoping he gets a chance to waste some of Jerry Jones’ money!

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